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Limited enrolment and selection benchmarks

The following table includes the benchmarks, or cut-offs, for successful admission to Cambrian College’s limited enrolment programs for Fall 2023. The minimum cut-off scores is the overall average of all prerequisite marks considered for the program.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (NURS)75%
Medical Radiation Technology (MRPG)83%
Paramedic (PARA)65%
Powerline Technician (PLTN)84%
Practical Nursing (PNDP)70%
Medical Laboratory Technology (MDLY)65%

*applicants with a grade at or above this score were included in the first round of offers

Waitlists for these programs were established with the strongest candidates who did not receive an offer of admission. All other programs were not considered limited (competitive) in Fall 2023. However, programs will become waitlisted as capacity is reached. Any waitlists for open programs will be established on a first-come, first-serve basis.

It should also be noted that if letter grades are submitted we would translate those to numeric grades as follows:

Limited Enrolment FAQ

Unless specifically stated, grades are the only tool used to compare students to one another. No admissions testing, resumes, or interviews are considered. All criteria i.e. grades must be submitted to the college by mid-February for the Fall term intake and by mid-September for the Winter term.

As all of our decisions are made well before second semester mid-term grades are available, we do not use mid-term grades. Unless there is a case for a student working on a non-traditional schedule (e.g. night school, non-semestered), we will only note the fact that a student is in progress with a prerequisite.

Cambrian uses only the courses that are considered prerequisites for the program in question. For example, a student applying for Dental Hygiene will be considered only on his/her biology, chemistry, and English marks. Geography or history grades do not help nor hurt the applicant’s chance to get into the program.

Cambrian requires that students complete at least 50% of the prerequisite courses (and possibly higher, depending on the demand of the program) in order to be considered for limited enrolment programs. Using the example of Dental Hygiene, we would need two final grades in any of the three prerequisite subjects (English, chemistry, biology) to be considered. A final grade in only one course would not be enough. Applicants currently attending a semestered secondary school are strongly encouraged to complete, in the first semester of their final year or in their third year of studies, the subject specific requirements for the programs to which they are applying in order that final marks for these courses may be used in the selection. We must also be provided with validation that you are enrolled in any of the missing prerequisite courses if you do not have final grades.

Cut-off grades vary somewhat from one year to the next, depending on the pool of applicants. The following will give you some idea of what the cut-off grades were for Fall 2020 in limited enrolment programs. These grades relate to high school applicants only and represent the prerequisite averages.