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Third-Party Sponsorship

When an individual student’s tuition and fees are billed directly to an outside agency the process is termed “a third-party contract.” Sponsors and students alike must inform the college that a sponsorship is taking place so that the contract can be initiated and the student’s fee account affected.

The College will require a letter from the sponsor, on letterhead, in order to set up the contract.  The letter should contain the following information:

  • Your sponsor ID
  • Contact Information (mailing address, phone, email, name of contact person)
  • Student(s) name and Cambrian ID(s)
  • Details on what the sponsorship covers:
    • Tuition
    • Ancillary Fees (mandatory and non-mandatory)
    • Course/program specific fees
    • Health insurance
    • Books
    • Housing
    • Meal plan
  • Date ranges for the coverage period
  • Maximum dollar amount for the sponsorship and over what period (maximum per term, per academic year, etc.)
  • Sponsorship reference number for each student (where applicable)

Sponsors can also use our form to provide this information.

A $250 term deposit is required at the start of each academic year. Specific dates and deadlines can be found on the Academic Schedule and vary by the term a student is starting.

Students are also notified of these dates through the admissions and registrations process.

If we do not receive the contract details by the deadlines outlined in the academic schedule, the student will be responsible for paying the term deposit. Once the sponsorship payment is received by the College, the student can request a refund if there is a surplus on their account.

When a student is added to a third-party contract, there are ‘payments’ that appear on the student’s account for what is covered by the sponsor. There are corresponding charges on the sponsor’s account, and the College then issues an invoice to the sponsor. Even though the student’s account looks like it has been paid, it does not mean that the College has received the payment from the sponsor.

Invoices are produced and sent on a semester basis, usually around the end of the first month of a student’s term.

Invoices are emailed in PDF format unless a different format is requested by the sponsor.

You should not accept and pay invoices that a student has sent. Only invoices addressed to you as the sponsor from Cambrian College are the official invoices to be paid.

Please ensure that invoices are paid within the payment terms indicated. We accept payment through online banking or by cheque.

When there are any changes or cancellations to the original sponsorship terms, please inform the College.

When you are sending payments for multiple students, please include a list detailing the student IDs, the amounts, and terms paid. Or, simply indicate the invoice number when paying an invoice in full.

Ensure that the sponsorship letter is sent to the College before the term deposit deadline.  If the sponsorship letter is not received by the term deposit deadline, please be aware that you are responsible for making the term deposit payment and you may be at risk of losing your seat in your program of choice if payment isn’t received.

Understand what fees your Sponsor will cover and which they will not and plan accordingly.

If your Sponsor requires transcripts or proof of attendance, you should be prepared to provide copies (if you are unsure how to get these, please stop by the Enrolment Centre and we can help). If your Sponsor is going to ask the College for a copy of your transcript or any other personal information, please ensure that you provide us with consent to release this information.

If your Sponsor does not cover the health insurance, and you do not wish to pay for this insurance, you must opt-out by the deadline at and reimburse the College with the opt-out refund.  This fee will need to be reimbursed to the college as we have paid this fee to the provider in advance.

For questions about the process, or to send us sponsorship details, please contact us at: or 705-566-8101 x 3003

For questions about invoices or billing, please contact us at: