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Networking & Mentorship

Cambrian College Connection Cafe

What if every student and alumni from Cambrian College had five to fifteen new connections to learn, share, and grow?

Introducing the Cambrian College Connection Cafe: supported by RBC Future Launch and powered by Ten Thousand Coffees. Matching alumni, students, recent graduates and industry partners for career inspiring discussions over coffee.

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Having a diverse network:
  • Accelerates careers
  • Helps tap into the smart thinking of peers locally and globally
  • Is a powerful contribution to the Cambrian College community
Are you a Cambrian College Alumni?

Join this network to remain connected with the Cambrian College community, while developing your networking and mentoring skills through real-world practice. Help shape the careers of students and young alumni by sharing your career advice and experience, and build your network of other Cambrian College alumni and faculty based on your industry and interests

Cambrian College alumni have valuable experience and advice to share! With 85% of jobs filled via networking and 2.4 million jobs available over the next four years, it is key for students to receive support and advice from those in industry.

Are you a Cambrian College Student?

Join this network to gain a better understanding of what careers are available to you, while developing your practical networking and communications skills. Build your network of Cambrian College alumni and industry partners based on their industry and interests, or connect with current students in later years of study for guidance and support.

How does the Cambrian College Connection Cafe work?
  1. Upon joining, you’ll be asked a series of questions to start the connection process
  2. You’ll receive monthly introductions via email to a fellow student, alumni and/or industry partner based on your career interests and goals
  3. If a connection works for you, suggest a time to chat in-person at a coffee shop, or online from the comfort of your home, to share your advice and experience
  4. You’ll receive an official LinkedIn certification to recognize your commitment to continuous learning and career advancement
Join Ten Thousand Coffees TODAY!

Global Ambassador Program

Cambrian’s Global Ambassador program is moving forward with a mission to join forces with one Alumni per major city, province or country. Global Ambassadors act as a support/point of contact for fellow alumni or new graduates looking to learn more about life and their field outside of Sudbury or their city of origin.

As Cambrian College alumni, you are part of a prestigious network of more than 70,000 graduates applying their skills and expertise across the globe. Through your participation and support, this network will only continue to grow.

Please email for more information on the Global Ambassador Program.

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Cambrian College Alumni
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705-566-8101 ext. 6411

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