The Glenn Crombie Centre for Student Support

Access and education for every student

Our spacious facility is entirely accessible and includes personal care rooms, resting room, washrooms, lockers, testing rooms, private study rooms with fully adjustable desks and workstations, as well as a PC / Mac computer lab with assistive technology.

Here’s what we offer:

  • A One-Week Comprehensive Orientation Program. Learn more about Head Start.
  • Personal care rooms with lifts and accessible washroom and shower facilities
  • Accessibility advising and support
  • Testing or classroom accommodation services
  • Note-taking and interpreter services
  • Alternate format and print material services
  • Assistive technology training and support (i.e., speech recognition, text-to-speech and organizational software, digital recorders, technical aids, FM systems, etc.)
  • Learning Skills Advisors for assistance with learning strategies
  • Confidential short term counselling support services. Learn more about Counselling Services.
  • Psycho-educational assessments as required provided by the Northern Ontario Assessment and Resource Centre
  • Academic and Testing Accommodations

Need more information?

Contact us to book an appointment, or stop by the reception desk.

Accessibility Services705-566-8101 ext 7420
705-566-5452 Confidential Fax
Counselling / Student Support Advising705-566-8101 ext 7311
705-566-5452 Confidential Fax
DirectorSeija Korpela
Ext 7264
Office AssistantsEdmond Prudhomme
Ext 6398
Patricia Groulx
Ext 7311
Learning Skills AdvisorSuanne Lindsay
Ext 7431
Accessibility AdvisorErnest Boeswald
Ext 7886
Accessibility AdvisorJenna Poirier
Ext 7915
Accessibility AdvisorMarlene McIntosh
Ext 7214
Accessibility CoordinatorKathleen Wells
Ext 7992
Assistive TechnologistYvan Roy
Ext 7433
CounsellorGeorge Dunne
CounsellorElisha Schmidt
Ext 6232
Student Support AdvisorRoni Sue Cross
Ext 6369
Student Support AdvisorMelodie Kulson
Ext 6273
WSIB Student Success AdvisorChris Seguin
Ext 6253
Wellness CoordinatorCatherine Poulton
Ext 6337