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English Tutoring

English Support for All!

Our English tutors are here to help you with all your writing needs. We can provide support at every step of the writing process, from the time you receive an assignment, to the moment you hand it in.
Check out our tutoring topics and resources below!

APA Formatting

APA 7th Edition – Guidelines

This resource outlines the basics of APA formatting and provides examples of reference entries and in-text citations.

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APA 7th Edition – Getting Started

This resource will help you get started with the basics of APA format.

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APA Style Title Page – Guidelines

Learn how to create an APA formatted title page using the resource above!

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How to Create a Running Head

Use this resource to learn how to create a running head on a Word document.

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APA Resources – Online ResourcesPage

Check out these online resources to help you learn more about APA formatting:

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):

Cambrian College’s Library Lib Guides (it has videos!):

American Psychological Association:

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Essay Writing

Beginning Essays

Learn how to plan and start the essay writing process with this resource!

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What Instructors Look for in Essays

This resource details what your instructors are expecting in your essays.

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Revising Essays

This resource will help you learn how to revise and edit your essays.

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Research Tips and Tricks

Here are some strategies from the Cambrian library team to help you in the research process!

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Scholarly vs Popular Articles

Learn about the difference between popular and scholarly resources.

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Evaluating Resources: The CRAAP Test

This resource will teach you how to evaluate your resources for credibility.

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The CRAAP Test Evaluation Form

Evaluate your resources for credibility using this questionnaire!

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How-to Series

These how-to resources will help with planning an outline to writing a scholarly essay to request a faculty reference form for a scholarship. Have a look!

How to Outline an Essay.

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How to Write a Scholarship Essay.

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How to Request a Faculty Reference Form for a Scholarship.

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English Topics

The following topics identify specific service areas for English tutoring. For other resources such as Maths, Sciences, or Tech support, please visit the Tutoring page to access more information and ways to book.

Your tutor will help you with the following:

1. Formatting

2. Citing

3. Referencing.

You can work with the tutor to apply these concepts to your assignment.

Your tutor will help you understand your assignment. Bring the outline or description of the assignment, and the tutor will help to ensure that you are meeting all necessary requirements.

Your tutor will help you dissect certain areas of confusion as well as teach you strategies on how to proofread and edit your work. The tutor will not edit or proofread your whole assignment but can focus on a certain area, so you will be able to apply those ideas to the rest of your assignment.

Your tutor will get you started on the pre-writing process by helping you decide on a topic and organize your ideas in an outline. This will get you ready to start drafting your writing.

Bring the topic of what you have to write. The tutor will work with you on how to properly write a paragraph, how to create flow, and how to organize your ideas.

Your tutor will give you tips and tricks to find relevant and credible sources for your assignment. Your tutor can also help you to navigate the Cambrian Library Database and Catalogue.

Your tutor will help you construct proper summaries and paraphrases by coaching you through the process of putting researched information in your own words appropriately and without risk of plagiarism.

Your tutor will explain the rules of proper punctuation and how to correct common punctuation errors. Before your appointment, try to identify any issues or questions you have regarding punctuation.

Your tutor will explain how to create proper sentences that are clear and complete. The information that the tutor covers will help you to improve your sentence structure and the accuracy of your writing.

Your tutor will review the rules of grammar concepts and usage covered in your English class.

In this session, you will be able to work with a tutor to help practice your English speaking skills. This can be related to pronunciation, fluency or general conversational English.

The English tutor will help you in any of the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking. For assignment and essay help, try to come early on in your process to get the most out of your session. Don’t forget to bring copies of your assignments and any resources that you might have collected.

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