First Generation Services

Cambrian’s First Generation (FGEN) Advising Program is here to see you succeed.

Everyone’s on the right path at Cambrian

This unique Cambrian program lets you connect with other FGEN students and provides you with the resources, supports, and/or referrals to community services you need to succeed while getting the most out of your Cambrian College experience.

What is a First Generation Student?

  • Your parent(s)/guardian(s) has/have not attended a postsecondary institution, including those outside of Canada; or
  • You are a Crown Ward student.

First Generation Students receive:

  • Academic, personal, and financial advising
  • Workshops on academic, financial, social, and health and wellness
  • Bursaries geared toward First Generation students
  • A peer mentorship program
  • Lunch and learns
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Referrals to external supports and services
  • The monthly FGEN newsletter

Need to know more?

Contact our Coordinator Brianne Benoit, or stop in and chat in room 2120.

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