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The First Step Centre

Everyone’s on the right path at Cambrian

The First Step Centre, formerly First Generation, is part of the Ontario Post-Secondary Access and Inclusion Program (OPAIP). OPAIP focuses on three pillars to raise awareness and educate people and families on the value of Post-Secondary education; to promote and support positive action for students facing barriers to their success in high school and post- secondary.

Three Pillars
  1. Outreach- Students that are still in elementary and high school, adult learners, counselors.
  2. Access/transition- Students who are looking to/transitioning to post-secondary in high school and adult learners.
  3. Retention- Students currently enrolled in post- secondary.
Students accessing The First Step Centre can receive:
  • Academic, personal, and financial advising
  • Workshops on academic, financial, social topics.
  • Peer mentorship program
  • Lunch and learns
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Referrals to external supports and services
  • Success strategies for your transition to college
Need to know more?

Contact our first Step Coordinator at, or stop in and chat in room 2120. Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!