Student Complaint Policy

Policy #SS-5.1
Date Approved June 1, 2016
Date Reviewed
Date Revised
Date Approved June 1, 2016
Date Reviewed
Date Revised


The purpose of this policy is to provide a method for prompt and equitable settlement of complainant-initiated issues for which no other policy driven forum is available.


  • An oral or written statement of a student’s or students’ dissatisfaction with a college service, college employee or a student’s teaching and learning experience.

  • A registered student(s) or graduate

  • A staff member with whom a student has expressed dissatisfaction.

  • The supervisor of the respondent.

Application / Scope

All Cambrian graduates, full-time and part-time students.

Policy Statements

A complaint may be made by a registered student or Cambrian College graduate (the Complainant) with the Manager of Client Services in the Enrolment Centre.  Complaints made by a current student must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint.  Any complaint made by a Cambrian College graduate must be made within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of graduation.  Consideration of extension to the deadline shall be made at the discretion of the Appeal Committee.

Every effort shall be made by complainants and staff to resolve the issue or complaint through the informal procedure; however, complainants may opt to invoke the Formal Complaint Procedure at any time. See Appendix 1.

This policy is not applicable where the issue or complaint in question is covered by another Cambrian College policy, complaint, grievance or appeal procedure.

Should the complainant require assistance to navigate the formal complaint procedure, informational support may be provided by a representative from Student Government or a person of their choice.

When the respondent involved is an employee, the applicable sections of the appropriate collective agreement or the individual Terms of Employment must be followed.

Representatives of the College responsible for investigating complaints shall not be involved in a complaint that places the individual in a conflict of interest in relation to the complainant or the subject matter of the complaint.

A complaint may be denied at any time if the complainant objectively appears to have failed to co-operate in the full and timely processing and advancement of the complaint.

A complaint under this procedure that involves false accusations, malicious intent or is otherwise made in bad faith, as determined by the investigation, may be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct and the Student Procedures for Misconduct.


Complainants who have reason to believe they have been treated unjustly in relation to the recommended action for a complaint made have the right to appeal. Cambrian College is committed to the provision of a fair and timely appeal process through which the complainant’s concern can be addressed.

Grounds for Appeal

The grounds for appeal are:

  • New information has come to light that would have an impact on the final decision regarding the complaint.
  • The complainant is appealing the decision due to lack of impartiality in the formal complaint process.

Appeal Committee

  • AVP – Student & Employee Development, Vice President Academic or Vice President, Finance & Administration – (Chair)
  • Administrator (x1)
  • Student Government Representative (x1)
  • Faculty or Support Staff Representative (x1)

The decision of the committee is final and will be communicated to the student within fifteen (15) business days.

Responsibilities and Accountability

  • Manager of Client Services

    Receives the complaint, documents details, facilitates the procedure through to completion and maintains a log to track and aggregate complaint information including the final determination.

  • Administrator

    Receives the formal complaint from the Manager of Client Services and investigates to determine whether the complaint has merit; completes and documents the final determination of action to be taken.

  • Senior Administrator

    Determines whether an appeal has merit, convenes the Appeal Committee and makes the final decision on the matter.

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