Health and Safety Policy

Approved by:  Senior Team

Effective date: January 2015

Replaces: n/a

Position Statement

Cambrian College is committed to:

  • Providing a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace and learning environment for its employees and students
  • Protecting the safety of employees, students, contractors, and visitors against accidents and occupational hazards
  • Complying with all relevant regulations and standards relating to occupational health and safety
  • Giving priority to safe working conditions and job safety practices in the planning, budgeting, direction and implementation of Cambrian College activities


All employees are responsible for knowing and observing pertinent regulations in the work area and for following safe work procedures. Each employee is expected to report unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviour to his/her supervisor.

All managers are accountable to maintain the standards that are required to meet this policy. They will ensure the pertinent regulations and safe work procedures are followed by all employees. They will ensure adequate training is provided to the employee and that safe work procedures are implemented on the worksite.

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