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Remuneration and Reimbursement Policy

1. Introduction

The Ontario Regulation 34/03 stipulates that a board of governors may approve allowances for board members for travelling and living expenses incurred by members while engaged in the business of the board, but members shall otherwise not be remunerated by the board for undertaking the responsibilities of a board member. O. Reg. 34/03, s. 10 (1).

2. Reimbursement Of Expenses

a) Reimbursement for out-of-pocket or other expenses incurred by Board members in their course of their duties as a member of the Cambrian College Board of Governors will be in accordance with, and at the same rates provided for, the Cambrian College Travel, Meal, and Hospitality Expenses Policy applicable to employees;

b) There will be no reimbursement for travel to and from a Board meeting where a Board member has to displace him/herself 16 kilometres or less;

c) Claims for alcohol-related expenses do not qualify for reimbursement;

d) Where the Board approves the attendance of Board members at conferences, Cambrian College will pay the registration fees associated with such attendance and will reimburse the Board members’ expenses in accordance with the College’s Travel, Meal, and Hospitality Expenses Policy;