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President’s Role Policy

Policy Type: Board-Staff Relationship
Date Approved October 22, 2015
Effective DateOctober 22, 2015
Date Reviewed
Date Revised
Date Approved October 22, 2015
Effective DateOctober 22, 2015
Date Reviewed
Date Revised

  1. Presidents Role

    • The Board directs the work of one employee, namely the President, who is accountable to the Board of Governors. The Board will instruct the President through written policies of Ends Statements and Executive Limitations. The President is bound by decisions of the Board.
    • The President is responsible for the implementation of Ends Statements within the boundaries of Executive Limitations. The President is therefore authorized to establish and monitor (and make changes accordingly) to college operational policies and practices within reasonable interpretation of Board policy.

  1. Specific Accountabilities include:

    • Develop the college’s strategic direction with board participation and approval
    • Provide leadership to, and be accountable for, the implementation of the college’s strategic objectives as approved by the board
    • Develop external relationships required to secure college funding, strategic partnerships, government approvals, and college recognition that are essential to the operation and advancement of the college
    • Promote positive internal relationships throughout the college
    • Be responsible for all phases of the operation and administration of the college including the appointment, promotion and termination of college staff
    • Recommend the establishment of, changes to and/or elimination of, programs to the board
    • Act in the best interests of the college in securing and promoting its educational, community, administrative and financial objectives

  1. Monitoring

    • The President will provide monitoring information as defined in Ends and Executive
      Limitations Policies.