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Naming of Facilities

Approved by the Board of Governors – January 28, 2010.  Motion: 10-01-06


Cambrian College views private and corporate support of the institution invaluable in fulfilling its mission. The naming of spaces and facilities in recognition of individuals, corporations, and organizations reflects this value.

The following policy will govern the naming or re-naming of buildings owned, operated, and/or situated on land managed, leased or owned by Cambrian College. For the purpose of this policy ‘buildings’ also refers to residences, the interiors of physical structures, and the land and open spaces under Cambrian College’s jurisdiction.

The naming of a building does not imply that the name will be used necessarily in perpetuity.


Buildings may be named–

1. In recognition of a major financial or in kind contribution to Cambrian College…

2. To communicate the function and/or location and/or activity undertaken in the building.

3. In recognition of former/retiring Cambrian College Presidents.

4. In recognition of a member of the global community who clearly exemplifies the values of the College and who has a demonstrated commitment to education and the community.

5. In recognition of a former member of the Cambrian community who has made extraordinary contributions to furthering Cambrian’s mission and who clearly exemplifies the values of the College.

1. To recognize long service in and of itself.

2. To recognize/honour a person who is a current employee of Cambrian College.

3. To recognize/honour a person who is politically active while he/she remains in office.

4. For a corporation, company or organization whose primary activity might not be appropriate for association with Cambrian College.

5. For a corporation, company or organization whose name has a commercial connotation (unless Cambrian College clearly recognizes an advantage and/or added value for the institution).

6. To recognize a recently deceased person. To avoid the potential for an emotional decision, the Committee will not consider naming a building for a deceased individual until at least one year following the death of that individual.

Re-naming of Buildings

It is recognized that conditions and circumstances may change and/or cause the College to consider re-naming a building. If such a situation does occur, the following factors should also be considered when deliberating and/or approving a name change:

1. Tradition, history, previous agreements, existing commitments and building uses.

2. Costs associated with the name change.

3. Legal implications of the name change.

4. Recognition already accorded to the same individual.

Naming of Facilities Committee

The Naming of Facilities Committee is a standing committee of the Cambrian College Board of Governors. The Committee consists of seven (7) members:

Five members of the Cambrian College Board of Governors

Executive Director, Cambrian Foundation

Director, Marketing and Institutional Relations, Cambrian College

The Board Chair, Vice Chair and the President are ex-officio members.

The Naming of Facilities Committee’s mandate is to accept suggestions or to produce original suggestions for the naming of buildings; to implement criteria; to institute a perpetual inventory of named buildings; and bring recommendations to the Board of Governors, as appropriate.

The Naming of Facilities Committee is authorized to approve all naming opportunities for contributions below $100,000, as recommended by the President or as recommended jointly by the President and the Executive Director, Cambrian Foundation, except those recommendations related to the naming of whole buildings and especially prominent areas. In the case of the latter, the Naming of Facilities Committee will bring its recommendation to the Board of Governors for approval.

Procedures for Proposals

1. Proposals for the naming or re-naming of a building must be based on the above principles. Proposals must be submitted to the Cambrian College Board of Governors Office in writing, outlining the basis for the recommendation.

2. The Naming of Facilities Committee will review proposals, consult with the President as necessary, and forward a recommendation to the Cambrian College Board of Governors for approval.

Public Recognition

Appropriate recognition will be arranged by/through Marketing and Institutional Relations.