Wabnode Centre for Aboriginal Services

At the Wabnode Centre for Aboriginal Services, we help Aboriginal students make the successful transition to college and provide them with ongoing support throughout the entire college experience.

Modern Learning, Traditional Ways

Our goal is to offer support through this transition phase in your life. From student support advisors to cultural programs to just providing a space for friends – we want to help you achieve and succeed with your choices.

Wabnode ContactsPhoneEmail
Rosalie Henderson,
Aboriginal Student Support Advisor
(705) 566-8101, extension 7700rosalie.henderson@cambriancollege.ca
Allison Cotterell,
Learning Strategist/Mentor/Tutor
(705) 566-8101, extension 6805allison.cotterell@cambriancollege.ca
Kelly Senecal,
Cultural Program
(705) 566-8101, extension 7418kelly.senecal@cambriancollege.ca
Henriette Sutherland,
Student Support
(705) 566-8101, extension 7881henriette.sutherland@cambriancollege.ca

Student Support

  • Enaadmaaget
    Aboriginal Student Support Advisor
  • Enaadmaaget
    Student Support/Scholarships and Bursaries/Employment Support

Community-Based Program Delivery

Culture (Led by Crane Clan)

  • Minomaadizwin Enaadmaaget
    – Cultural Program Facilitator
    – Elders on Campus
  • Metis
  • Special Events