Update on Faculty Contract Negotiations – October 13, 2017

Posted on Wednesday October 11, 2017

The union representing full-time faculty at Ontario’s 24 public colleges has set a strike deadline of Monday, October 16. If no new contract is reached by then, picket lines will be set up at Cambrian’s campus Monday morning.

During a strike, all teaching and research activities involving college faculty will be suspended. Students should talk to the Dean or Program Chair of their programs if they have questions regarding their academic activities. A list of the Program Deans/Chairs is provided  below.

Student services such as Residence, food services, library, gym, the Student Centre, Wabnode, the Enrolment Centre, Learning Centre, and Glenn Crombie Centre will continue. Moodle will also be available to students.

In the meantime, it is business as usual for students.

We encourage students to continue with their studies, complete all assignments, and work ahead as much as possible.

We will provide you with updates as they occur.

Common Questions

1. Will there be any classes during a strike?

All academic activities done by Cambrian faculty are suspended during the strike, including online courses and Dual Credit Courses taught in partnership with local high schools. High school courses taught at Barrydowne College by the school board will also continue.

2. What if I have a placement or a research project?

Research projects are also suspended. You can also talk to Your Program Dean or Chair if you have any other questions regarding your academics.

Schools of Skills Training

Chair – Phil Adams       Room 1714   Extension 7859
Dean – Louise Turcotte      Room 1714  Extension 7810

Schools of Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies

Chair – Joanne MacLellan    Room 1714  Extension 6405
Dean – Louise Turcotte     Room 1714  Extension 7810

Schools of Health Sciences and Emergency Services

Chair – Kim Sheppard      Room 3253  Extension 6333
Dean – June Raymond      Room 3253  Extension 6332

Schools of Business and Information Technology, Creative Arts, Design, Music, and Hospitality

Dean – Brian Lobban      Room 3130  Extension 7863

Schools of Justice, Community Services, and General Studies

Dean – Janice Clarke      Room 4071  Extension 7623
Chair – Bradie Granger (Gen Studies)  Room 4053B    Extension 6435

3. Will the Cambrian campus be open during a strike, and what about non-faculty staff?

Our main campus and satellite locations will remain open and continue to provide services not taught or offered by faculty members. Student support services and activities will continue, for example the cafeteria, the Student Centre, the Wabnode Centre for Indigenous Services, the Glenn Crombie Centre, the Learning Centre, the Enrolment Centre, the Career Centre, First Generation services, services for international students, the gym, the library, and varsity and intramural sports, to name a few. Administrative and support staff will report to work as usual.

4. I am a student. What should I do?

Continue to study. Do your best to complete whatever assignments you have been given and work ahead as much as possible. You will continue to have access to Moodle.

We also encourage you to stay connected to Cambrian. Take advantage of the various support services and student activities that are being offered by Cambrian and student leadership.

5. What does a strike do to my school year?

No college student in Ontario has ever lost an academic semester or year due to a strike. We will do everything we can to ensure students can complete their year. In the event of a strike we will monitor the situation daily and make whatever plans are necessary.

6. Do I get a refund on my tuition?

Because this is a province-wide situation, all of Ontario’s colleges will receive direction from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training with regard to refunds. At this point there is no directive regarding refunds.

7. I live on Residence. Can I stay?

Yes, Residence is your home. There will likely be a picket line very close to Residence. We will try to ensure there is as little disruption to you as possible. Please be courteous and observe all picket line etiquette when required.

7. I am an international student: What about my visa and the visas of family members, and should I stay or return home?

The visas for you and your family remain valid. Stay and continue with your studies, and stay connected to the Cambrian community by taking advantage of the student services and activities that will continue during a faculty strike.

8. I am a student with a part-time job at the college. Will I still have my job?

Check with your immediate supervisor first. If your original job cannot be done during the strike, contact Renee Scott, Director of Student Success for an alternate assignment, at(705) 566-8101, extension 6260 or renee.scott@cambriancollege.caInternational students with a part-time job at Cambrian can check with Kyllie Jansen, Manager of International Student Support, extension 6958, or kyllie.jansen@cambriancollege.ca.

9. Will I have to cross a picket line to enter and exit Cambrian’s campus?

Yes. Picket lines in Canada tend to be well-organized, well-managed, and peaceful. Faculty have a right to briefly delay you and share information with you. They cannot prevent you from entering or leaving Cambrian property. Be patient and courteous when approaching and crossing a picket line. Click (link) to learn more about picket line etiquette.

10. How will this impact transit and emergency services to Cambrian?

There will be no delay or disruption of any emergency services to and from Cambrian. Sudbury Transit buses will not cross the picket line. Click here (link) to see the Sudbury Transit routes and schedules in the event of a strike.

11. I want to enroll, either in January or next September. Should I bother?

Yes, continue to enroll for January and next September.

12. What does it mean for visitors, contractors, suppliers, etc.?

People will have to decide if they will cross a picket line. If so, please do so politely and observe all picket line etiquette. Do expect some delays entering and leaving Cambrian property.

Our expectation is that contractors and suppliers will continue to provide us with goods or services. If they are not willing to cross the picket lines, they should contact the department they are working with and make other arrangements. There is an expectation that picket line etiquette will be observed but agreed upon work and contracts will continue to be honoured.

13. Why are faculty on strike?

Province-wide bargaining between all colleges and faculty has not been able to produce a new collective agreement.

There are a number of outstanding issues. You can find the college’s offer of settlement at www.thecouncil.on.ca.

The college believes this offer is fair to faculty and financially responsible given the constraints all colleges are facing.

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