Picket Line Etiquette

Posted on Friday October 13, 2017

You will have to cross a picket line to enter and exit Cambrian College’s Barrydowne Campus.

Faculty members on strike have a right to set up picket lines. They also have the right to briefly delay your entry and exit onto Cambrian property for the purpose of sharing information with you.

This may be your first time encountering a picket line. Picket lines in Canada tend to be well-organized, managed, and peaceful. Picket line safety is our top priority for our faculty, other employees, students, and visitors.

With that in mind, here are some general principles to follow:

  • Expect delays and inconveniences when you arrive at the picket line. Crossing a picket line could take minutes, so plan accordingly.
  • Be patient and calm. Picketers can engage with you to give you information, and will then let you pass. They cannot prevent you from exiting or entering Cambrian property.
  • Be respectful and courteous to picketers. Do not get into arguments or vent your frustration.
  • If you are experiencing undue difficulty crossing the line, call your supervisor or security who can meet you at the line, or take other steps to solve your particular challenge.
  • If you normally use a vehicle, consider carpooling or using public transportation if possible. But check bus schedules first to determine if you can still catch the bus, even with delays at the picket line.
  • If you do use a vehicle, consider parking away from Cambrian College property. Please note, you risk being fined or towed if you park without permission in private or commercial driveways and parking lots.
  • If driving across the line, operate your vehicle in a safe, lawful manner. Proceed cautiously and wait for clear access before advancing through the picket line. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Whether walking or driving across the line, stop and wait until you can pass safely
  • Plan your route to the campus so you will be making a right-hand turn onto campus property. This precaution will prevent you from getting caught in the middle of an intersection or crossing oncoming traffic.

Remember: Your safety and the safety of others is the top consideration. Patience and courtesy are the two most important qualities you can demonstrate when approaching a picket line.

Faculty Strike Sudbury Transit Detour & Schedule

Posted on Friday October 13, 2017

Sudbury Transit buses will not cross picket lines to enter Cambrian College’s Barrydowne campus.
Sudbury Transit has arranged detours of buses serving the college.
The #401 Barrydowne/Cambrian bus will pass by the Barrydowne Road entrance to Cambrian, …

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