Faculty Strike FAQ

Posted on Sunday October 15, 2017
* Updated Nov 9th, 2017

What’s going on with the strike?

Full-time and partial-load faculty, librarians, and counsellors are being invited to cast a ballot in an Ontario Labour Relations Board-supervised vote on the contract offer tabled November 6 by the College Employer Council.

When will that vote be held?

The vote is being held November 14-16 across the province. It is a secret ballot, cast by phone or online. If the majority of members casting ballots accept the offer, the strike will end. If the majority of members casting ballots reject the offer, the strike will continue.

Does that mean the strike is continuing until the vote?

Yes, unless a deal is negotiated first.

Giving how long the strike has already lasted, is the semester lost?

No, we have a contingency plan in place that will allow students to still complete their year.

It is important to make the distinction between a semester and the academic year. A semester is a block of time, a way to divide up the academic year. It is not the year itself. Changes can be made to how the semester is structured so that students can still complete their academic year and receive their necessary learnings and credentials.

How can you say the academic year won’t be lost when so much time has been missed?

There are number of things we will do, and we will work with faculty to ensure our students will succeed and receive the education they need. For example, the fall semester will extend later into December, and resume again in January. We will cancel the February study week in order to increase class time and instead add a day to the Family Day long weekend in February. 

What about refunds for tuition, and extra costs because of this strike?

At this point, our regular refund policies apply. A refund assumes students won’t be able to complete their academic year, and that is not the case.

If students have questions about OSAP or extra financial burdens related to this strike, they can contact our Enrolment Centre at enrolmentcentre@cambriancollege.ca. We will do our best to work with students who are in this situation. For example, students who have made prior travel arrangements before the holiday break was changed should let their Program Dean know and show verification of those plans. We will try to accommodate those students accordingly.

What if students want to withdraw from either a program or a course and start over? 

We encourage students to maintain their current courses and programs. Under our contingency plan, they will receive the necessary learnings to complete their year and achieve their credentials. Students can discuss their situation with their Program Dean/Chair. Students can also talk to Cambrian’s academic success advisors. We have also extended the deadline to withdraw from a program or course to December 13th, subject to change.

We understand this situation is causing increasing stress for students. We have supports available to help students cope, through such departments as the Glenn Crombie Centre, The Enrolment Centre, the Learning Centre, the Career Centre, the Testing Centre, First Generation Services, the Library, NORAC, Wabnode Centre for Indigenous Students, International Students Services, and Student Administrative Council.

How is the strike affecting students who have enrolled for January?

There will be a delay in the start of the winter semester. At this point, the winter semester is scheduled to start January 22, subject to change.

Students starting classes in January can also book an appointment if they need advice, counselling, or special learning accommodations. They can do this through the Glenn Crombie Centre, at accessibilityservices@cambriancollege.ca

or 705-566-8101 ext. 7311 or 7420.

(For international students). How will the strike affect the study visa, and the visas for family members?

Immigration Canada says international students will not be penalized for events beyond their control.

If international students need to apply for a study permit extension during a strike, they should

include a letter from Cambrian’s Registrar confirming that the strike has stopped them from attending school and pursuing their studies. They should remain registered with Cambrian. Here’s a link to the Immigration Canada webpage with more information http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1367&top=15

We would also encourage our international students to check in with Cambrian’s International Student Services if they have any concerns.

For more information, please contact your Dean.

Schools of Skills Training
Chair – Phil Adams Room 1714 Extension 7859
Dean – Louise Turcotte Room 1714 Extension 7810

Schools of Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies
Chair – Joanne MacLellan Room 1714 Extension 6405
Dean – Louise Turcotte Room 1714 Extension 7810

Schools of Health Sciences and Emergency Services
Chair – Kim Sheppard Room 3253 Extension 6333
Dean – June Raymond Room 3253 Extension 6332

Schools of Business and Information Technology, Creative Arts, Design, Music, and Hospitality
Dean – Brian Lobban Room 3130 Extension 7863

Schools of Justice, Community Services, and General Studies
Dean – Janice Clarke Room 4071 Extension 7623
Chair – Bradie Granger (Gen Studies) Room 4053B Extension 6435