Food Services Worker (FSWO)

Food Services WorkerCertificate


The Food Services Worker Certificate Program will provide the student with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform effectively in institutional, commercial, or long-term care food preparation settings.

Delivery Format

Part-time: Internet/Classroom

Employment Opportunities

Graduates may secure employment in many areas of food service handling including hospitals, nursing homes, cafeterias, or restaurants.

Admission Requirements

Unless otherwise stated for a specific course, any adult (minimum age 19) with Ontario Grade 10 may enrol in any of the part-time courses for this certificate program.

How to Apply

Contact Marlene at ext. 7214 or email:

Tuition Fee (Canadian Students)

Fees are charged per course and will vary accordingly.

Tuition Fee (International Students)

Fees are charged per course according to current international rates and will vary accordingly.

Course Descriptions

  • FSW0111- 003 – Basic Food Preparation
    In this course, students will be provided with practical training in institutional food preparation, portioning and service. Students will have an opportunity to develop skills in various types of food preparation and service. Students will be exposed to techniques in the visual presentation of food, portion control and recipe conversion. Students will also become familiar with the use and maintenance of food service equipment.
  • HCP1030- 002 – Sanitation and Safety
    This course focuses on preventing food-borne illness within the health care institution. The course addresses special regulations and acts governing food service and strategies involved in proper food handling and control of contamination. Emphasis is also on food safety, and quality assurance programs such as HACCP. Safe working environments for the FSW are explored including fire safety, managing safety hazards, prevention of common injuries, and an introduction to first aid.
  • HEA1007- 002 – Communication/Food Services Worker
    This course focuses on the communication skills required by the food service worker. General principles of human communication such as verbal interaction and listening are explored. Students will learn effective communication skills with patients, residents, co-workers and supervisors. Students will also have the opportunity to develop writing skills and presentation skills.
  • HEA1011- 002 – Quality Food Preparation
    This course focuses on the cooking principles and methods for preparing food in large quantities. In addition, the nutritional components of each food will be reviewed to ensure students are aware of the quality and nutritional values of various foods, and methods for maintaining nutrition throughout food preparation and service. Various food types will be examined including meat and alternates, bakery products, cold prepared items, egg and cheese recipes, milk products, soup, stocks, and sauces. Major cooking equipment will also be discussed.
  • HEA1030- 002 – Nutrition in Health Care
    This course focuses on the basic principles of diet therapy. Several disease conditions are discussed with emphasis on the therapeutic diets and nutrition support required for treatment.
  • HEA1040- 002 – Introduction to Nutrition
    This course introduces students to the basic principles of nutrition and the role of nutrition in the health care environment. Current nutrition recommendations for fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals and weight control will be discussed. Special considerations for nutrition throughout the life cycle will also be explored.
  • HRM1126- 002 – Institutional Food Service
    The course focuses on the food service workers role in various food service systems in a health care environment. These systems include food service department organization, food production and delivery systems, food ordering and receiving systems, cost controls, quality improvement and computerization.

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