Cash for College Guidelines



Scope and Eligibility

Effective for students entering Cambrian College as of September 2018, applicants who have been granted an offer of admission to a qualifying full-time program and complete the eligibility questions within the myCambrian Applicant Portal may be eligible to receive an entrance award that will be credited to their Tuition Deposit at Cambrian College.


  • To enhance accessibility to postsecondary education at Cambrian College for those students that can identify financial need/hardship
  • Remove financial barriers to entering post-secondary education for first year, first semester students that demonstrate financial need/hardship throughout the application/confirmation/registration process

The award include:

  • A one-time $500 award to be applied to the applicant’s account to cover the Tuition Deposit of $500. (See qualifying programs in Appendix A)

Only students who remain registered beyond day 10 of the Fall 2018 semester at Cambrian College that have been identified throughout the application process may claim this award.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

Only students who register in semester 1 of an eligible program in fall 2018 and who have been identified throughout the application process as being within the top 200 applicants with financial need/hardship are eligible.   There are a maximum number of awards and eligibility will be based on the highest financial need as demonstrated throughout the questionnaire process.   Applicants must have confirmed their acceptance of an offer of admission to Cambrian College, have completed the questionnaire within the myCambrian portal and have been selected by the eligibility committee based on questionnaire results are eligible for the Entrance award Program.

The questionnaire will be accessible within the myCambrian portal and will open on February 1, 2018.  The questionnaire will close at midnight on June 1, 2018.


  1. What is your status?
  2. Do you have dependent children?  If yes, how many?
  3. Are you living at home with parent(s)/guardian(s)/official sponsor(s) or away from home?
  4. What is your income from all sources world-wide, i.e. Employment, Government Benefits (CPP, EI, ODSP, etc.), Post-Secondary Support Program (Band Sponsorship), Child/Spousal Support, Educational Assistance Payments (RESP), etc. for the current calendar year (estimated)?
  5. Do you know of any awards that you will be receiving not included in your income estimation?  If so, how much?
  • Students may transfer into another qualifying academic program up to the last day to register for fall 2018 semester as defined in the 2018-2019 academic schedule.
  • Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Resident or Refugee status is required to be eligible.
  • A student transferring to Cambrian in semester two or higher in the fall 2018 semester is not eligible for the Entrance Award Program.
  • Employees (or their dependents) qualifying for the Employee Tuition Fee Bursary program are not eligible.
  • Student’s receiving tuition funding from the Second Career funding program are not eligible.

Processing the Applicant Award Program:

Students applying in a qualifying program and completing the questionnaire within the myCambrian Portal before June 1, 2018 will be submitted to the Eligibility Committee for review.  Once identified within the top 200 financial need/hardship positions the applicant will receive notification of their award eligibility through the myCambrian portal ( and via email. Please see Appendix B for more details.

Award Recipients that have not completed the registration process by Day 10 of the first semester, first year 2018 will have the $500 removed from their account.  The College reserves the right to limit access and/or to suspend the delivery of the Entrance Award program.

Appendix A

Academic programs qualifying for this program include:

Full-time Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development approved programs delivered by Cambrian College through its Sudbury, Espanola, or Little Current locations.

The programs must fall within the following categories to be eligible:

  1. a postsecondary Ontario College Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Graduate Certificate program
  2. a Degree program

Academic programs for which this incentive is not available:

Apprenticeship programs, Adult Training Programs, Upgrading, Continuing Education courses or certificate programs, and any other courses or program activity for which the registrant is not required to pay a tuition fee are excluded from this award program.

Appendix B

Entrance Award program

Once selected as an award recipient a notice will be posted to your myCambrian portal and you have access to register for first semester, first year classes associated with the full time program of your choice.  The recipient of the award will NOT be required to pay the Tuition Deposit associated with the program confirmation process.

Award List

Summary: Cambrian College is offering $100,000 worth of awards.

  • A one-time $500 award to be credited to the applicant’s tuition account to cover the Tuition Deposit only

Personal information is collected in accordance with sections 21, 39, and 43 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and under the legal authority of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act R.S.O. 1990, and the Ontario and Technology Act, 2002, Regulations 34/03, and used for educational, administrative, and statistical purposes of the College.

Appendix C

Details for Students with Disabilities

Students with permanent disabilities, who require the accommodation of a reduced course load due to the impact of a documented disability, may be eligible to participate in the Program. For the purposes of this program, the definition of permanent disability is:

  • A functional limitation caused by a physical or mental impairment that restricts the ability of a person to perform the daily activities necessary to participate in studies while enrolled in what the institution considers to be a full course load for the period of study in question, which impairment is expected to remain with the person for the expected duration of the person’s postsecondary studies.
  • A student is required to identify him or herself to the appropriate person at Cambrian’s disabilities services office and present documentation confirming the disability and the need for a reduced course load as a learning accommodation. Such documentation must satisfy the college that it meets the following criteria:
  • Medical documentation from an appropriate health care professional (e.g. a legally qualified psychiatrist/medical practitioner that indicates a permanent disability); or
  • A learning disability assessment from a qualified assessor supporting the student’s permanent learning disability (e.g. a registered psychologist, or psychological associate).
  • Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be diagnosed by a registered psychologist with ADD/ADHD training; a neuro-psychologist; a psychological associate; and/or a relevantly trained medical doctor.

The ADHD assessment should outline the diagnosis and the impact of the hyperactivity or the lack of attention on learning.  Once approved, the approval will be forwarded to the Student Employment Services office for tracking and assessment.