Glenn Crombie Centre

Cambrian’s Glenn Crombie Centre is a 12 000 square foot multi-service complex that promotes accessibility and success for students within the Cambrian community.

Access and Education for Every Student

Our state-of-the-art facility is entirely accessible including phones (TTY), personal care rooms, testing rooms, a fully equipped PC/Mac computer lab with assistive technology for student use and training and accessible washrooms.

 Here’s what we offer:

  • Specialized orientation programs for students with disabilities to get a “head start” on the college experience and support their short- and long-term academic success. Learn more about Disability Services.
  • Short-term, episodic advisory and counselling support services to students through a confidential format. Learn more about Counselling Services.
  • Personal care rooms with wall mounted lifts and accessible toilet and shower facilities
  • Alternative print material and access to note taking and interpreter services
  • Training and access to a wide variety of assistive technologies (i.e., speech recognition and screen reading software, digital recorders, technical aids, organizational software FM systems)
  • Academic advising and support for testing or classroom accommodations
  • Learning Skills Advisors for assistance with learning strategies
  • Psycho-educational assessments as required provided by the Northern Ontario Assessment and Resource Centre located at Cambrian College above The Glenn Crombie Centre

Need more information?

Contact us to book an appointment, or stop by the reception desk.

Disability Services705-566-8101 ext 7420
705-566-5452 Confidential Fax
705-560-1889 TTY
Counselling/Advising Services705-566-8101 ext 7311
705-566-5452 Confidential Fax
705-560-1889 TTY
Director (Interim)Carol Prechotko
Ext 7793
Office AssistantsCarmen Harrison
Ext 6398
Patricia Groulx
Ext 7311
Learning Skills AdvisorSuanne Lindsay
Ext 7431
Disability AdvisorErnest Boeswald
Ext 7886
Disability AdvisorShaunacy Berfelz
Ext 6816
Accessibility CoordinatorStephanie Valentini
Ext 6412
Assistive TechnologistYvan Roy
Ext 7433
Assistive TechnologistRobert Pelletier
Ext 7546
CounsellorDarren Annala
Ext 6980
Student Support AdvisorRoni Sue Brown
Ext 6369
Student Support AdvisorMelodie Kulson
Ext 6273
WSIB Student Success AdvisorSusan Wilson
Ext 7915